Consulta Philips PUS7304 PUS7354 nuevo modelo tv forocochera


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3 Diciembre 2018
Ya lo he visto gracias, lo que no entiendo es porque está más barato el de 50" con VA, que el de 43" IPS, ¿Habrán salido mal o sólo es un tema de demanda?


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29 Noviembre 2019

first of all, i'm glad to have found such a forum and i want to apologize if i write in english.
I have this TV and i think i've found the perfect calibration for SDR.
This are my settings:

General Settings:
Color: 50 (you can put it up at a max value of 54 if you like more saturated colors, but don't go past that point)
Contrast: 70 (40 at night)
Sharpness: 0 or 1
Brightness: 54

Color Options:
Color Optimization: Off
Color Temperature: Normal

Contrast Options:
Contrast Mode: Off
Hdr - Upscaling: Off (it only makes the screen brighter and mess with contrast)
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Video Contrast: 98
Light Sensor: Off
Gamma: 0

Sharpness Options:
Ultra Resolution: Off

Images Optomization Options:
Reduce Noise: Off
Reduce MPEG Artefact: Off

But i have some problem with HDR visualization, in fact colors appear really desaturated if i use the same settings in HDR and the only way to make it looks at least brighter and colorful like SDR is to use post processing effects (hdr plus, colors optimization) and to boost color up to 75.
I don't know if it's normal (shouldn't HDR be more colorful than SDR?), can someone please help me and share settings?^^

Thank you!!